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Arrowsmith Construction and Project Management Limited is a truly agile group of experienced professionals.  We can act as a stand-alone team or can be fully integrated into an existing construction management team.

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Our Services

Arrowsmith Construction Management Services

Arrowsmith Construction and Project Management Limited is a professional construction management team. We have been executing projects of various sizes in the heavy civil and industrial sectors for the past decade throughout British Columbia and Western Canada.
We are here to cater to our clients in a range of services. From feasibility and pre-construction planning through to quality turn-over and claims recovery. Arrowsmith construction excels at all of these phases because we understand how construction and risk intermingle.
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Our Health, Safety and Environment Systems

Arrowsmith Construction Managers and HSE

A large part of construction management is the responsibility of the workers’ health and safety and the natural and built environment in which they work. Therefore, HSE is always a risk and a construction manager’s job is to mitigate the negative risks.

Every action we carry out, whether during the planning phase, on-site during a project, or at its completion, we do so with one goal in mind. We simply will not hurt the crews working on the project.
Arrowsmith is fully versed in all aspects of industrial construction safety.
As we take this role very seriously, both professionally and practically, we simply will not hurt people or negatively impact the environment.
If it Doesn’t Look Right, it Isn’t
The Arrowsmith construction team members function under the Arrowsmith HSE program and encourage that in any situation, “if it doesn’t look right,” it isn’t. This is to say that often the worker or the team must stop and re-think a procedure. In some cases, even the project must stand down and re-evaluate the process. We encourage these communications.
Arrowsmith Construction and Project Management Limited takes pride in its safety record and will promote those practices to all those we are working with.

In our world, safety is not just an indoctrination; it is the basis of our collective success.

Devon Wyatt

Construction Manager Arrowsmith Project Management Limited

Arrowsmith Construction Projects

Some of our best experiences and professional projects.

construction manager
Run of the river
Remote Tunneling

Your Project, Our Construction Management Expertise

It has been said; construction is a risky business. Yet where there is a risk, there is also often reward. Therefore, is that risk, a threat or an opportunity?

With over 70 years of collective experience of the management in the industry, the Arrowsmith Project Management team has the knowledge and understanding to address concerns before they become issues.

More importantly, before those issues become problems that cost the project in scope, budget, schedule, quality and or safety. How Arrowsmith quantifies  that risk and acts upon it are where we thrive. Does the project have an external pressure that is driven by an authority having jurisdiction?

These could be permit, health and safety or environment-based. Is there an opportunity in the market that your project seeks to capitalize on, but the necessary steps appear daunting? Does doing nothing negatively impact your company?

If the answer is yes, then Arrowsmith can help.

Construction management is a people business, and we work with those involved in a project to ensure everyone has a common understanding of the metrics involved.

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