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Site Management Services

At Arrowsmith, we are construction managers providing services, and often the term of construction manager and the site manager are interchangeable. Indeed, the Arrowsmith way represents the site management process as a subdivision from the overall of the construction manager.

Site Management Duties and Responsibilities

Therefore, what we do as a site management team can be several things but focusing on the site’s daily occurrences. Obviously, this could mean that as site manager, Arrowsmith has the overall responsibility to the client, the owner or both. In fact, it could be strictly as a contract administrator addressing quantity survey items such as labour, equipment and material execution methodologies, or perhaps monitoring and or authorizing monthly progress payments against physical works completed. Or it may simply be to register and track all submittals.

As a result, It could be to function as per the requirements of many jurisdictions as the prime contractor where site safety is of paramount concern. As such, our processes are driven from the ground up and not directed from the top down. This means to a client that the people involved in the risk are part of the mitigation process.


It should be noted, communicating and contributing to the process as it is developed, reviewed, and later executed is how we succeed. In all cases, communication is the key to a projects success.

A team that understands the deliverables and, more importantly how to deliver them as a team that can make a project a success. Above all, at Arrowsmith we understand those methodologies and those metrics. Therefore, we can keep your site functioning at full efficiency and whilst not impacting safety or quality standards.

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