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Quality Management Services

What is Quality?

Don’t worry; at Arrowsmith Project Management, we understand quality.

We understand that first quality is planned in. Into the design, the tender documents and later, the construction processes. In fact, we understand that those who perform the work are required to perform their own quality control and not confuse things. Still, we further understand that those requesting the quality meet a particular metric. The quality assurance processes monitor those controls and ensure that the required processes are in place to capture the information produced by those performing the works.

In either case, quality is not a cost function, nor is it a business decision. Instead, it is a metric that is used to ensure that what was asked for is, in fact, what is provided.

Ultimately, this is driven by the pride of the team to deliver on those project metrics. On each level, it is about smooth processes, documentation, data collection, and effort execution. Therefore, we use historical data to help foresee any risks regardless of opportunity or threat while following a timely reporting structure to keep all stakeholders in the loop at all times.

Quality Process

In the planning stages, key processes are defined for later use in the field. These can include the development of an Integrated Work Plan (IWP), which contains all the drawings, specifications, permits and supporting documents for the Inspection Test Plan (ITP).

Often, on a smaller scope or a project with fewer moving parts, only the ITP is produced, but regardless, the result is the immediate development of a turn-over or closeout document proving completed scope that met all the required metrics per the contract.

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