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Construction Management Services

At Arrowsmith Project Management, what we do as a construction management team is primarily focused on managing project risk, minimizing threats and maximizing opportunities. Hence, the Arrowsmith way has tried & tested processes to address all forms of change management. From feasibility to design and contract development to award. Lastly, to the boots on the ground, we’ve got it covered to provide high quality construction management service. 


As Arrowsmith is familiar with Canada’s north, we understand that any weather can play havoc to a project’s schedule any time of the year. To be successful, like Arrowsmith, this is planned in. From rental heaters, fuel supply, access mats, insulated tarps and wind barriers, we make it happen. To do this correctly, we install weather data stations that record rain and snowfall. As well, we ensure communications to the home office can be guaranteed 90% of the time.

Procurement and Logistics

During a pre-construction exercise, procurement processes are reviewed and mapped out systematically. Can we get the equipment and materials we need? Do we have the camp space, the transiting system, to effectively and efficiently move crews and equipment to and from the site? As the Arrowsmith team excels in remote and northern environments, we know the project risks very well if this goes wrong. We know that when an owner entrusts this to be part of our scope, we have a considerable sense of responsibility to get it right.

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