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Our Services

At Arrowsmith, we are a full service construction management team. We provide 4 main service types which are defined as site, construction, project and quality management systems.

Arrowsmith functions as the Site Manager when the engagement is direct from the project owner and has been legally contracted to control all site-related activities. This is often the case as part of an Engineering Procurement and Construction Management style delivery method where the construction management team has the duty of the prime contractor but has no labour force.

Arrowsmith functions as the Construction Manager when engaged by an Engineering Procurement Construction Management firm to address all things related to a particular part of a site or a particular scope of work. Often, a similar scope to a site manager but not to the same level of overall authority. However, Arrowsmith can as well function as a Construction Manager when engaged by a General Contractor, who may or not be the prime contractor to manage a particular project scope of work, directly controlling a labour force and engagement with a client for progress and change management reporting.

Arrowsmith functions as the Project Manager when the duties are almost exclusively related to reporting, budget controls, change management, procurement and or legal permitting requirements. Although similar to a construction manager, often not performed on-site and does not engage with trades or craft workers.

Arrowsmith functions as the Quality Manager when either engaged by an owners team to address all items related to quality assurance. Or, equally important when engaged by a general contractor to perform similar on subtrades, reporting to the owners representative or addressing the self-performed works as a quality control function.