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Arbutus Water Treatment Plant

Arrowsmith Project Management performed the duties of on-site Quality Assurance Manager for the Owners Representative Team of the Arbutus Water Treatment Plant, a freshwater treatment plant constructed in Ladysmith, BC.

Arrowsmith Scope of Work

This scope involved that of working with the contractor to establish a quality management plan (QMP) for the project and within that, the various inspection and test plans (ITPs).

General Contractor Scope of Work

The general contracting scope included the complete supply and installation of a new pre-engineered steel building to house a completely new series of treatment tanks, control and maintenance equipment.

To create this the existing facility was isolated and remained in operation whilst the general contractor cleared, grubbed, and logged the site footprint. Soon after, a large portion of the footprint was blasted to remove unwanted materials and set the site working elevation and requirements of the post disaster foundations for the building and tank structures.

Being a process facility there was a large amount of below grade stainless, PE and HDPE piping.

Quality Processes

All had approved submittals, approved testing materials and installation processes prior to installation and burial.

Foundation formwork was next, and this was not just a simple slab on grade. With large pad footings under each column location and large connecting spread footings, combined with multiple subgrade tie beams there was a large amount of reinforcing.

All of these items had approved submittals and inspections prior to being encased in the approved concrete mixes.

As the steel was being erected for the building the internal process equipment was also being installed. This was also the time that the Arrowsmith scope of work was completed.

Capital cost:

Scope duration:



Site Office:

13 months (2018- 2019)

Town of Ladysmith

Koers and Associates Engineering Limited

Ladysmith, BC

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