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substation firewall project

Design of substation firewall Project

Brownfield Works

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited performed the duties of Project Manager for a General Contractor for the design of a substation firewall project in Dawson Creek, BC.


Arrowsmith and the team of skilled labour took the utility required training to ensure that we would be knowledgeable of the risks in the substation and safe to function inside their facility.

Prior to mobilization, a survey was taken of the foundation that was previously design in the substation. Additional works were performed to the design to satisfy those requirements. Once the design was completed, suppliers were sought to supply the required materials to the site so that the team could assemble. All the structural steel components were fabricated based on approved shop drawings. These components were transported to site and erected using a crane to perform a critical lift over some energized equipment.

Scaffolding was then erected so that the remainder of the works could be performed.

Although a small project for Arrowsmith, it was a tricky one with all the design in brownfield works. It proved to the team that if you plan the work and then work the plan, all can be successfull.

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2 months (2011)


BC Hydro

SNC Lavalin

IDL Projects

Tumbler Ridge, BC

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