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Small Scale Hydro Electric Projects

Run of River Energy

Run of Riveris what it states. Water from a mountainous area river or stream is diverted by means of a headwater pond and intake structure, passing it via a large pipe or penstock by means of gravity across one or multiple turbines thereby generating continuous electricity should the water flow maintain. This same water exits the powerhouse structure and returns untreated back to the stream that it was diverted from.

Types of Run of River Projects

There are only variations on these power projects. Most are small, privately owned, and operated facilities under 10 megawatts in size. The significant difference between these and a conventional storage dam is the much smaller footprint and therefore environmental impact.


At Arrowsmith Project Management Limited, we are not designers, but we can offer constructability reviews and value engineering expertise to ensure material choice and sequencing is done in the most efficient means possible.

Site Development

These facilities are almost exclusively located in high mountainous areas. These are plagued by severe seasonality, high rains, rock and landslides, heavy snow falls and avalanches. Project safety during construction and capital asset safety during operation are forefront and often take much more effort than is initially planned during a feasibility study should the team have little experience in constructing one.

Pre-construction Planning

On projects like this logistics is a full-time job. How people, equipment and materials get to and from site is what leads to the project’s success. You are unable to simply run to town and pick something up at the local lumber yard or go to the coffee shop and get a box of doughnuts.

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