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Northern Challenges

Scope of Works

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited performed duties of Project Manager for Civil Contractor on the Quality Wind Power Project in Tumbler Ridge, BC.

We were responsible for all earthworks related to the portion of the contract we were to execute.

The sub scope categories were as developed along these lines.

Overall Site Access Planning

With turbine site access being the primary civil scope item it was paramount that all laydown sites, light and heavy vehicle roads and crawler crane roads were to the required design specification.

Planning these items were not always simple. Pre-work inspections, environmental assessments, water course inspections, reviews against the Environmental Management Plan, confirming certain items, clarifying others and gaining approvals to proceed were the key to making progress on this project.

Being located in coal and natural gas country means that there is a lot of existing buried infrastructure and plenty of natural resources that were to be managed accordingly.

With routes planned out, surveying done, logging, clearing and grubbing was next. This resulted in decked merchantable trees that were removed from site by contractors and taken to various mills for processing. The remainder was stacked and burnt under applicable permits.

As access progressed, corrugated spiral pipe culverts and or multi-plate culverts were installed, generally before breakup, so to ensure that traffic could continue moving to and from the various turbine locations on this large project site.

Access Roads

With many of these sorts of projects the roads either don’t exist or they must be significantly upgraded. With our scope, this was generally the case as there were some existing forest service roads and pipeline access roads in the area.

Our scope was to widen, improve, change grades and address erosion and sediment controls throughout.

Bulk Earth Moving

This was limited to the excavation and subgrade preparation for the massive turbine foundations, maintaining erosion and sediment controls and eventually backfill and finish grading per tower site.

Environmental and the Built Environment

Erosion and Sediment Controls were a large part of the access road construction. Whether the road was forded through a swamp or involved clearing and grubbing large amounts of forested lands, we employed best practices to ensure that there was minimal impact to natural environment. This involved the installation of culverts, geosynthetic fabrics, coco matting, hydro seeding and other strategies.

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11 months (2011)

14, crew size (at peak) 185


Capital Power Corporation


IDL Projects Inc.

Tumbler Ridge, BC

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