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Remote Wind Farm Projects

Wind Farm Projects

Wind Energy

Wind Energy is by definition a perpetual energy source but in practice there is much more to it that just that. Independent Power Producers (IPPs) often view these as money making carbon offsetting ventures which can and do work if installed in properly studies locations, properly maintained and of course, with the proper partnerships.

Remote Locations

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited knows that these projects are seldom erected in populated areas. As such the majority of wind power projects in British Columbia are in the Peace Country and the foothills to the south of that region.

Weather Conditions

In these areas, one must plan for every kind of weather and with nearly every magnitude imaginable. From significant sub-zero temperatures to sweltering sun to heavy winds, and incredible amounts of destructive water that can within hours destroy existing municipal and provincial infrastructure.

Procurement Requirements

Arrowsmith understands that to be successful you must clearly understand what is available from local suppliers and local trade contractors in these areas.

Unlike urban centres, one can not simply go for a short drive and pick up some lumber or a box of screws. Everything you can’t find for the scope must be trucked in. If unplanned, this can get very expensive, very quickly.

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