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Early Works Program for Kemano T2

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited was contracted to perform duties of the Early Works Construction Manager for the EPCM in the remote Kemano Valley.

Arrowsmith managed the construction progress of 2 trade contractors through the need to produce a quality product in as safe a means as possible for one the most safety driven clients we have worked with.

Trade Contractor Scope

Temporary Camp

The temporary buildings contractor was responsible for the supply and installation of a 180 man camp which was placed within the old town site battery limits, very near sea level.

These prefabricated boxes were brought from Edmonton by transport truck to Kitimat, BC and mobilized to a contracted barge. The barge was then transported to Kemano by tub boat and offloaded and transported to the camp site where they were first staged, prepared and then dropped into place. All were later connected, made weather tight and connected to the client power grid. Decks, handrails, steps and ramps were constructed to the exterior of these units to ultimately provide a portion of the management team camp space during what would become the main civil works contract.

Civil Works For Kemano T2

Many kilometres of existing forestry and access road was upgraded to the client safety standards. These roads were both forest service roads, mountain access roads, and low alpine laydown areas which would form a staging area for the assembly of the forthcoming tunnel boring machine (TBM). Clearing and grubbing activities for the laydown and staging areas as well as installation of multiple large bore corrugated spiral pipe (CSP) where primary access functions to the high alpine areas. Once there, a crushing and screening operation was installed in the high alpine to support road maintenance and concrete aggregate for the main civil works.

Planning For Kemano T2

Planning moved back to the home office in Vancouver. This is where the team moved from the early works program to the main civil works contract.

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EPCM Client:

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9 months (2017 – 2018)

Rio Tinto

Hatch Limited

Kemano, BC / Vancouver, BC

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