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Fresh water Treatment Plant Foundation

Works Program

On these mining projects located at the Fort Hills Mine Arrowsmith performed the duties of Senior Site Project Manager for the Early Works – Deep Undergrounds,  Phase 1, the Waste water Treatment Plant Foundation, Phase 2 and Camp Core Building Completion.

At the time, Fort Hills was much less than it is today. It was a 1 hour drive from the majority of the work camps and was remote enough to trigger certain criteria in safety and others in procurement of materials, especially that of concrete supply for this foundation.

Arrowsmith addressed all subcontractor engagement, defined all scopes of work, tracked all changes and engaged with safety management and performed the duties of client liaison.



The majority of the pre-construction planning was done prior to mobilization to the site from the contractors head office located in Edmonton, AB.


There were significant challenges finding skilled trades, hiring them and keeping them engaged for the duration of the projects. So much so, the reinforcing installation subtrade brought their labour force in from southern California of all places – a very long commute.


The works began with significant investigation into the subsurface conditions and the requirements for a driven H-pile foundation. The installation of the piling was performed on time but the remainder of this concrete foundation took much longer than originally planned and caused significant issues.

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9 months (2012)

4, crew size 45



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Fort Hills Mine Site, Fort Hills, AB

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