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Oilsands Mining Projects

Modern oilsands mining projects are often seen as non-renewable and a depleting resource.

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited disagrees with this general statement. In Canada, particularly in Northern Alberta, these projects are massive mining projects but also involve 90% or more of recycled water, capture and scrub emissions and often have on site electrical generation to reduce or fully eliminate the requirement of diesel power heavy equipment involved in the ore extraction.

These projects are ethical in the treatment of the workers, the communities and the First Nations involved.

By contrast many hundreds of millions of barrels that are imported from our locations around the world are simply not.

Arrowsmith believes that these companies, some of our clients, have an obligation to uphold the positive image of the community involvement and the extremely high environmental standards planned, followed, monitored, and controlled. 

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Hard Rock Mining Projects

Hard rock mining, much like other resource-based extraction efforts are heavy equipment and infrastructure intensive processes. With often years of pre-feasibility and feasibility planning before design and pre-construction activities even see the light of day.

Where Arrowsmith Project Management Limited becomes involved and offers valued experience in planning associated with the constructability of the design and the processes associated with the pre-construction mobilization, trade contractor scope buy-outs and procurement methodologies.

Then once on site, Arrowsmith generally functions as either the Site Manager, Construction Manager, or an Area Limits Construction Manager. Our experience is limited to the development of the built environment or renovation of existing infrastructure from a heavy civil and structures discipline.

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