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Mount Hayes LNG Storage Project

The Full Scope

The Mount Hayes LNG project is an above ground liquid natural gas (LNG) storage facility designed and constructed to for the storage of 1.5 billion cubic feet of LNG. It was constructed in 2011 to provide capacity to the natural gas customers on Vancouver Island.



Contractor Client:

Project Site Office:

Horton CBI

F & M Installations Ltd.

Mount Hays, Ladysmith, BC

The Arrowsmith Scope on LNG Storage Project

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited was contracted by one of the trade contractors on that site to solve a significant schedule impact that was occurring between them and the EPCM.

Arrowsmith performed a schedule audit and in the discovery uncovered some disconnects between the various subtrades and how the activities were coordinated. Once that was completed,

a revised schedule was submitted to the EPCM and all work was properly organized to ensure that the various trades had free and clear access to their work fronts and were able to complete their required scopes in a timely fashion.

The Arrowsmith scope was specifically limited to the completion of the pre-engineered buildings on the site and involved the complete fit out but not any commissioning activities.

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