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Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Projects

LNG Processing

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas cooled to hundreds of degrees Celsius below zero, condensing it into liquid form. This makes it safer and easier to store and transport.

These projects are generally related to storage and transportation to offshore markets.

Natural gas is supplied to these locations via pipeline or LNG transport truck. Natural gas is extracted via various means but in British Columbia it generally comes from the Northeast Peace Region from various shale basins. But it can also be produced from various bio-extraction processes from food and other organic waste streams.

The Typical Arrowsmith Scope

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited will typically become involved in these large projects during the early works programs. The early works programs will often include clearing and grubbing, building laydown areas, temporary and permanent access roads as well as installing buried infrastructure for temporary and permanent infrastructure that is to follow.

We have managed the installation of camp structures, wastewater treatment plants and settlement lagoons.

As well, the installation of temporary site offices, truck shops, concrete batch plants, crushing and screening operations and surface water containment and redirection.

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