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Site C Energy Projects

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8 months (2016)

BC Hydro

Peace River Hydro Partners

Fort St. John, BC

Site C Clean Energy Project

Early Works Program

The Site C Clean Energy Project located near Fort St. John, BC is a massive project that Arrowsmith Project Management Limited worked along side a group of consultants to develop, plan, and execute various smaller scopes to begin the massive Main Civil Works Package.


We began with writing multiple construction implementation plans for the first phase of the Main Civil Works Contract as awarded to our client. Later, as road access was planned, erosion and sediment controls were developed, quantified, procured, and installed to ensure that the team of workers maintained the high environmental standards set out by the utility owner.


Then a massive undertaking of relocating an overflow creek was begun. This required survey, design drawings, procurement of concrete canvas, CSP culverts, concrete precast headwalls, and a massive HDPE fused pipeline to direct the flow back toward the Peace River and out of the localized job site. This permitted heavy vehicle access to the area that would eventually become a RSEM or reusable select excavated materials.

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