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substation firewall project

Generating Station Project Supply and Installation

Early Works Program

The scope of generating station project was to supply and install a fully functioning construction camp whereby the owner, the contractor and other suppliers could have a decent (and warm) place to stay during their particular scope of the project.

Arrowsmith Project Management was brought in to the project team as the senior project manager to assess and better understand how to regain the project schedule.

Construction Camp Planning

The generating station project had a large amount of procurement and logistics with everything from manpower, shifts, material supply and general transportation. 

Arrowsmith regained control of the procurement and enacted a supply shack that had trigger limits on various items so to limit the amount of down time that the crews had waiting for things to come from the closest town some 800 km away.

Project Controls

Arrowsmith Project management limited  continously visit on construction camp  site and performed an audit on existing project controls and  and found that there were many improvements to be made to ensure that the team had proper and sufficient project documentation to perform future progress payment and future claims management processes.

Project Owner:

Contractor Client:

Project Site Office:
Manitoba Hydro

Ouland Camps

Project Site, Northern Manitoba

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