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Brandon Generating Station Project

brandon generating station

Process Description of Brnadon Generating Station

The Brandon Generating Station was an existing coal fired electric generating plant in located in Brandon Manitoba. It was undergoing a large process addition which included the installation of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG).

The way toward producing power utilizing nuclear power has been utilized for longer than a century.chemical energy is changed over into electrical energy by consuming a coal fuel to produce steam which, thusly, drives a steam turbine generator.
The fundamental parts of a warm power age measure are the steam generator, the steam
turbine and the electrical generator. The electrical energy enters Manitoba Hydro’s lattice through a transmission sub station utilized for directing voltages.
showing the significant cycle streams:
• contribution of coal to the release of ignition results to the environment and debris tidal pond;
• creation of steam and change of steam energy to power;
• utilization of cooling water to consolidate steam leaving the steam turbine and cool helper gear; and
• utilization of crude water to move debris to the debris tidal pond.

Foundation Design and Installation of Brandon Generating Station

 The Site C Clean Energy Project located near Fort St. John, BC is a massive project that Arrowsmith Project Management Limited worked along side a group of consultants to design and develop, plan, and execute various smaller scopes to begin the massive Main Civil Works Package.

Our scope was to design and check the concrete foundation packages.

Capital cost:

Scope duration:



Project Office:

8 months (2001)

Manitoba Hydro

Delta Hudson

Calgary, AB

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