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Renewable Energy Hydroelectric Projects

Large Scale Renewable Energy

Hydro Electricity is a form of renewable energy that involves the augmentation of an existing lake or river, creating a dam and forcing the stored water over, in a controlled method through a penstock and across a turbine or turbines that are spun by the force of the water and in turn generate electricity that is stored and conditioned or directly sent to the grid and making large number of hydroelectric project in canada.

Hydroelectric projects are often large capital infrastructure projects for a regional government and or a public owned or invested electrical utility.

The investment is capitalized over many years and even decades and is believed to provide the growing needs of clean power to the growing population and usage of the electrical grid.

In British Columbia, the majority of these large hydroelectric projects are owned and operated by BC Hydro, a public utility company that provides most electricity to the residents of British Columbia.

In other provinces, these projects can be privately owned and contracted to supply the electric power to those customers

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