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Biomass Energy Project

Greenfield Works

Arrowsmith Project Management Limited performed the duties of Site Manager for the Civil General Contractor for the construction and installation of all civil related scope of the works of a greenfield biomass or green energy project in Fort St. James, BC.

Arrowsmith was brought in to assess the existing progress , regroup and plan a methodology to regain schedule and get the project completed as contracted.

Although a small northern community was able to support some of the project requirements we had to engage the existing larger supply chain from elsewhere in the region. This involved a lot of travel of manpower, equipment and supplies. The largest challenges were with the supply of an approved concrete mix from batch plants and the pumping of the product to the various long reach and high reach forms present on the site.

The contract included all subsurface piping within the battery limits of the plant site along with all the concrete foundations associated with all plant site primary and secondary structures, the 3 large concrete storage silos, substation and water treatment plant, all found within the project site.

Capital cost:

Scope duration:

Leadership team size:

Contract type:

Scope Budget:



Construction Client:

Project Site Office:

8 months (2015)

7, crew size 110 (at peak)


$60M (CCDC 4 unit-rate contract)

Veolia Biomass

Iberdrola Canada

Western Industrial Contractors

Fort St. James, BC

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