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Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy by definition is from organic matter used as fuel in the generation of heat and electrical energy. It is often referred to as a renewable energy source.

Types of Biomass Project Facilities

Biomass Project facilities that generate internal process heat or steam and electricity for deposit back on the municipal grid are often waste burners or processors in the form of wood chips, saw dust or a bark that is ground up, processed and burned.

That ash is then collected and often used offsite by other manufacturers or it is put in a land fill.

Waste burning is also known as a Waste to Energy (WTE) facility.

These facilities will process and burn municipal waste, household garbage and non-recyclable plastics and generate electrical energy for the grid.

The burners are almost always piloted by natural gas.

Biomass Energy Process Design

As Arrowsmith Project Management Limited is not a process design consultant nor do we seldom become involved in that we leave that to the subject matter experts. We are construction managers.

Biomass Plant Site Development

Where Arrowsmith teams experience shines are after the process design has been completed. After the land is purchased, it must be cleared, grubbed, surveyed, and inspected for environmental compliance. How the natural environment fits with the built one is key and an understanding of the owner user groups, stock piles, maintenance requirements and even snow removal all come into play.

Pre-construction Planning

All the typical questions of who, what, where, when, and how are asked. This assists in generating scope, budget, and schedule requirements for the tender response if we are the builder or contract documents if we are the projects overall site manager, an area construction manager.

In either case, they form part of the legal documents package that ultimately ensures the project is built to the design requirements that were originally set.

Execution and Monitoring

Arrowsmith Project Management will begin this phase of scope with reference to the Arrowsmith Quality Management System (QMS) and will develop a Quality Management Plan (QMP) that relates specifically to the scope of the work.

This is done in such a way that everyone on the team understands what must be performed and to what quality metric it must meet. All records are kept, drawings are red lined and updated and the teams “war board” is in constant or perpetual motion. Always reflecting planned activities, identifying issues, and monitoring extra work scopes.

It is a constant parallel activity to address the ever progressing work flows. It is also done this way to ultimately save time and money. We do not function on the 10% budget remaining and 60% of the paperwork yet to complete.

Phase Closeout and Client Turnover

With Arrowsmith typically being involved in the civil scope, it is paramount that others on the project understand what was completed and how that impacts their scopes of work to follow.

While the phase closeout could be internal it may also reflect a portion of the progress, a contractual milestone and or a payment condition.

The client turnover is a formal closure item that hands over a completed scope of work, addresses substantial completion and ultimately the release of any contract defined holdback amount.

When Arrowsmith has completed these they are delivered in complete hardcopy and digital formats for the clients record keeping processes.

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