About us


Arrowsmith Project Management Limited is a construction project management firm local to Vancouver Island.  They have the expertise, experience and contacts to function in any location in Western Canada. Arrowsmith’s full service approach leaves nothing to question – they deliver a quality product performed in as safe a means as possible, whilst increasing opportunity and in most cases exceeding budget and schedule constraints. As a construction management firm, Arrowsmith provides impartial opinions to clients ensuring collaborative solutions are developed throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.

The Arrowsmith Project Management Limited team can provide on-site representation where leadership, site safety, creative solutions and accurate detail are paramount in supporting the client in the project endeavors.


At a young age Devon Wyatt already knew he had a future in building things. Watching his father transform raw materials into homes, buildings and furniture has always resonated with him. In 2010 Arrowsmith Project Management Limited was formed and has functioned on various sides of the “Design / Bid / Build” triangle since.

Arrowsmith Project Management - Company History

Owen Pickell

General Superintendent

Devon Wyatt, GSC (PM)

Construction Manager

Glenn Matthiesen, CHSEP

Safety Manager