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The Arrowsmith Construction Project Management Limited Mission

About Arrowsmith Project management:

Arrowsmith Project Management is a 100% private shareholder-owned and empowered company. Having formed and augmented construction management teams, we know construction is a people business, and we know that success in this business is about respect. This respect is for the client and their money, the community and its values and the environment in which we build. Employing local, training local and buying local are all key factors in that success.
Recently, Arrowsmith formed a general contracting division, Arrowsmith General Contracting, which will be the self-performing division of the company. As a general contractor, we function under the credo of “whatever it takes” to get it done safely, meeting all quality specifications, industry best practices and contract metrics. Together with the construction management scopes that we often wear, we can steer an owner to a successful outcome of any one of their important metrics using our quality management systems and health, safety and environment best practices.
Although local to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, we have Canadian north, remote and urban experience to tackle any scope of work. If you want to get to know us, feel free to go here.

About Our Project Quality Services:

Our full construction project management service approach leaves nothing to question – we deliver a quality product performed in as safe a means as possible. Our team provides on-site representation where leadership, site safety, creative solutions and accurate detail are paramount in supporting the client in the project endeavors.


In most cases our involvement actually results in lower costs and exceeding schedule expectations.

About Arrowsmith Project Management Limited

About Company History

How and Why:

At a young age, the founder Devon Wyatt already knew he had a future in building things. Watching his father transform raw materials into homes, buildings and furniture it was no surprise that he moved into this area. Since then our company and services history is full of successful projects.


After years in consulting engineering field as a technician and project manager, in 2010 Devon founded Arrowsmith Project Management Limited and has since executed projects all across Western Canada. Projects have varied in size within all sides of the “Design / Bid / Build” triangle.

Forward Thinking:

Arrowsmith excels at as the Construction Manager in an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) project delivery system. And in this delivery model, we bring the team together to execute the scope of work.


Mike Butler

Construction Manager Arrowsmith Project Management Limited

Mr. Butler is a Gold Seal Certified Construction Project Manager with 34 years of worldwide experience (Canada, USA, Australia and Russia), managing construction projects, overseeing designs, and constructing projects in excess of $200 Million, plus leading construction staff, contractors and suppliers in executing large projects.  His no-nonsense approach gets things done, and his front-end planning and excellent communication skills keep the team always up to date. As Project Manager, he manages all phases of the construction process from initial concept through final completion, including budget and cost controls, CPM scheduling, estimating, procurement, expediting, logistics, QA/QC inspection, contract administration and management of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.  As Construction Manager, he provides effective planning, establishes project controls, and addresses all issues that affect a project’s constructability, cost, schedule, and quality. Sharing his global hands-on experience gives project teams the knowledge to effectively manage any type of capital project.